The Global Engagement Office assists schools and colleges with the development of international collaborations through entering into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or other agreement documenting a formal relationship with a foreign institution by providing templates, as well as tracking status throughout the review, approval and signature process.

Process to Establish an International Collaboration

Follow these step-by-step instructions and guidance on the process of establishing an international collaboration. The agreement process can take some time depending on the program, so please take this into account.

Agreement Templates

Please contact the Global Engagement Office for one of the following templates. 

  • General Cooperation: This agreement is a general statement of intent to cooperate, of which the parties will sign further agreements regarding specific collaborations.
  • Student Exchange: Temple and partner institution students may study abroad for credit or non­credit. Students pay tuition to their home institutions.
  • Inbound Study Abroad: Partner university may send students to Temple for short-term programs. Students pay tuition to Temple. 
  • Faculty Exchange: Temple and foreign institution faculty may collaborate on research or teaching.
  • Dual Degree Programs: Students complete two degree programs by taking courses at Temple and foreign institutions. Available as Undergraduate Transfer Program 2+2, Dual Master’s Degree Program 1+1, Dual PhD Program, or Dual Bachelor’s Master’s Degree Program 3+2.