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Internationalization is crucial to students’ future success, and to developing a better world for all. At Temple, students are exposed to an intellectual framework that enables them to analyze contemporary, political, economic and scientific events, as well as understand their impact at the local, national and global levels. It is equally important for faculty and staff to bring a global perspective to their teaching, research and community outreach.


Six Goals of Internationalization

These pillars aim to ensure that internationalization is integrated into all aspects of university life at Temple.

Institutional Belief and Commitment

Embrace the commitment to internationalization rooted in Temple founder Russell Conwell’s vision to democratize, diversify and widen the reach of higher education.  Conwell shaped this vision while traveling in Baghdad where he learned the folktale that inspired “Acres of Diamonds.” His iconic retelling of that tale illustrates the university’s founding belief in uncovering the innate possibilities of all peoples. Now Temple, from the president to individual staff, is committed to education through internationalization across campuses, schools, departments, disciplines and administrative units.

Intrinsic Leadership Structure

Achieve and articulate the essential mission of the university’s internationalization through a leadership structure in which the Office of the Vice President reports directly to the President. This mission includes encouraging and facilitating opportunities for students to study abroad, championing international partnerships, recruiting a diverse international student body and ensuring that international students have the needed resources and support for success.

Curricula that Prepare Students to Become Global Citizens

Ensure that the university's curricula prepare students as global citizens, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of living and working in a globalized world. Support best teaching practices that enable students to analyze contemporary world events and understand their impact at a global level. Incorporate learning outcomes that emphasize global knowledge, skills and cultural awareness. Integrate international students into the university's living and learning environment.

Comparative Perspectives in Teaching and Research

Infuse internationalization into faculty development, curricular and instructional design, and research and scholarship.  Encourage and support internationally focused research and collaboration. Provide faculty opportunities abroad through internationalization grants, teaching opportunities and faculty exchanges. Boost faculty involvement in Global Engagement in targeted regions.

Student Mobility and Cultural Exchange

Increase the number and quality of international students enrolling at Temple, and build on our current success and capacity for sending Temple students to study, research, intern and volunteer abroad.  Leverage Temple’s international campuses– Temple University Rome and Temple University Japan– both domestically and internationally to build partnerships and provide students with more opportunities.

Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships

Identify, initiate, cultivate and broaden universitywide as well as college- and school-specific strategic partnerships throughout the world. Cultivate these partnerships to bring international students to Temple, foster cross-university research, offer collaborative degree programs and provide opportunities for Temple students to pursue education abroad.


Our Values

Read more about the individual missions of our Global Engagement (Inbound) and Education Abroad units, and our Anti-Racism Taskforce below.